Brand new Slip at Aix-en-Provence, designed by Market Value

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At the end of July, Le Slip Français opened its new retail concept store in Aix-en-Provence. The shop, on Rue des Bagniers, has a floor area of 67 square metres.

Online sales remain brand’s core business model (representing 90% of sales), but its new concept store aims to grow retail sales, raise the brand’s visibility, and reaffirm brand recognition.

The primary objective of design agency Market Value (Team Créatif group) was therefore to reaffirm the brand, its values and unique market positioning.

Near the entrance you’ll see the Paillaslip range of briefs, with the name of the shop: “Le Slip de mon Aix”!

The brand’s colour palette adds dashes of colour to the light-coloured wood décor with a twine-coloured linen finish.

When you reach checkout, the brand’s proprietary shade of blue together with its logo stand next to a white mosaic wall with blue grout and a red border, the brand’s architectural signature. This will be a feature of every shop, with the mediums used varying from one store to another.

The creative vocabulary of the concept also derives from the tubular metal used to create a display stand for the flagship products in the window and inside the shop, display cabinets for the brand’s iconic underwear packaging, racks for the ready-to-wear lines, a structure that resembles a pool ladder for bathwear, and a samples rack for all the brand’s fabrics and prints.

Slip Français’ key strengths are showcased by the Fabricaslip range; sourcing is at the very heart of the brand’s commitment and raison d’être, and Fabricaslip illustrates the Made in France provenance of every item.


This store also shows the full extent of the shop’s wide product range and key strengths.

Because Le Slip Français extends to much more than just briefs! The brand offers a full collection with ready-to-wear, bathwear, socks and accessories. And better still, just before the summer the brand launched its first womenswear collection, which hits the ground running.

In terms of layout, the menswear collection can be found in the first section of the shop, and the womenswear collection in the second section.

Apart from one screen, you won’t find a single digital device in the Aix store. As far as Le Slip Français is concerned, its real digital presence is of course its website and its irrepressible creativity on the social network sites.

This retail concept will in due course be rolled out at other sites and in other formats: own-brand stores, shops in shops, travel retail and resellers. Also, “Le Capitole du Slip” is now open in Toulouse, following the same model. Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris are to follow.

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