Espace Emeraude undergoes a major and durable overhaul with Market Value and Denelen.

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Espace Emeraude is a family-owned company specializing in retail of Land and Home products, with close ties to the farming sector ever since its creation in the 1980s. It has 95 retail outlets and generates a turnover of €275 million.

For the past two years, Espace Emeraude has been conducting a complete redesign of its brand positioning with brand consulting firm Denelen and Retail Design agency Market Value (Team Créatif group).

On January 23rd, company executives Christophe and Richard Batardière inaugurated the pilot store in Ponts de Cé, near Angers.

“Our goal is to expand our customer base by attracting the new young country dwellers, to upgrade our image, and to emphasize what sets us apart: fine workmanship and long-lasting equipment. Hence our new tagline: Espace Emeraude, my Land, my Home, for a long time.” (Richard Batardière)

The transformation is indeed spectacular.

One of the most noticeable changes is probably the brand identity.

Market Value suggested giving up the color green, already widely used by competitors, and making a statement by combining the pre-existing sunny yellow with an earthy brown. The word Emeraude is highlighted and, most importantly, the brand boasts a new logo:  the historical “e” is enclosed in a hexagon, that underlines the French rural nature of the brand, and also calls to mind a bolt, a symbol of mechanics (garden machinery) and durability.

This new identity applies to all the brand’s signage and graphic design elements. And particularly to the store front where it finds its fullest expression. The wooden lattice and the canopy’s unique frame convey Espace Emeraude’s farming spirit.

“We have redesigned the indoor layout to showcase a large, one-of-a-kind, and really useful range of products for gardening, garden machinery, home improvement, apparel and farming equipment. The customer journey is interspersed with counters to highlight the store’s services, customer welcome, and comprehensive expertise. These counters also serve the purpose of testing products, such as drills or plant protection products.” (Philippe de Mareilhac, CEO of Market Value)

The new concept showcases services such as equipment rental and an on-site repair shop with dedicated and trained experts.

Digital innovations include Click & Collect near the store entrance and iPads to present the entire range of garden machinery for example.

“Market Value’s design fits in perfectly with the brand’s deep overhaul, but all the while retains the authenticity of Espace Emeraude. It is also a very practical design in terms of investment, as it focuses on powerful symbolic markers while keeping a lot of the existing store furniture. It’s a vision of sustainable design that is perfectly in line with our brand DNA.” (Christophe Batardière)

The concept is now ready to be gradually rolled out across all retail outlets. A second pilot store will open in Montaigu at the end of March on a more compact Park & Garden layout.

The brand is now geared up to develop its different vision of the business, namely the retail of tools and solutions to improve your Land and your Home for a long time.

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