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Les Jacobins

marketvalue · January 17, 2017 · News · 0 comments

Les Jacobins shopping center undergoes a revamp with design agency Market Value.

Klépierre entrusted Market Value agency with the renovation of Les Jacobins shopping center, located in the city center of Le Mans.

The shopping center was aging and poorly integrated in the city center because of hardly visible access points.

Market Value’s idea was to capitalize on the spectacular central glass roof and create a large conservatory, making it a mandatory stop in a city center shopping journey.

First goal: remodeling the entrances to make them very visible and welcoming. How: integrating greenery in stores, adopting an organic design, decorating the facade with Plexiglas butterflies and entering through a large blue high-impact entrance.

Retractable banners have also been redesigned to improve the center’s marketability.


Inside, the entire customer journey has been transformed.

Rest areas combine subtle references to the garden with a bench made from a tree trunk, hardwood floors, and spring-colored cozy seats. Butterflies flutter on the restrooms walls and the outside seating area of the café is speckled with colorful ribbed parasols.

Regarding the heart of the center, the glass roof, we decided to simplify the architecture and the materials used. Everything was painted white to maximize natural light and outline the black structure of the glass roof. As a final milestone to the shopping journey, a giant contemporary tree was installed at the top of the escalators

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