Les Opticiens Mutualistes

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projet les opticiens mutualistes market value


Market Value, the Retail Design agency led by Philippe de Mareilhac, wins the pitch for Les Opticiens Mutualistes, a network of opticians run by mutual health insurance organizations.

– Proclaiming its uniqueness by insisting on the mutualist spirit

– Becoming a major innovator in opticianry again by embodying strong defining societal values

…are the brand’s main challenges.

Market Value gives a new reading of mutualism and gives it a new impetus through a professional concept rolled out in 173 outlets: Collaborative Opticianry.

A new identity is created to illustrate the concepts of openness to others, and dialog, and the idea of a new point of view. It also strengthens the human aspect of the brand by showcasing the LOM acronym (which is phonetically identical to “the man” in French).

A new 3-step customer journey has been designed to fit this approach: giving rhythm, sharing without compartmentalizing is key to a successful customer relationship:

Welcoming: a real welcome desk to understand the customer’s personality, lifestyle, and needs.

Sharing: a large collaborative table to share, put customers at ease, and help them choose eyeglass frames.

Co-building: smaller, more private parlors to co-build a final product perfectly adapted to each individual’s visual health.

The brand’s values are also supported by a number of other initiatives, such as connecting the workshop and the store, a cleaning station for glasses, and the recycling of frames.


Les Opticiens Mutualistes
Responsible, supportive, transparent and collaborative.

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