Market Value is transforming Beaulieu shopping mall in France !

marketvalue · October 16, 2017 · News · 0 comments


Beaulieu Shopping Mall is located in Nantes, and belongs to BNP / Cardif. Klepierre is managing it. Open in 1975, and renovated in 2008, it has 110 stores and one Carrefour hypermarket.

The exterior architecture is very strong, but it doesn’t look like a shopping mall. This renovation aims to apply a new positioning in order to boost the traffic again. Beaulieu is to be a proximity and destination mall, for the local young customers (students, young adults, couples and families who are moving to this new district).

And more specifically:

  • Improve retail visibility outside of the mall
  • Bring more natural light inside
  • Improve customer journey, comfort and experience

Therefore, Market Value transformed the main entrance, interior architecture, customer journey, visual identity and signage.

We made of Beaulieu the department store of Nantes, a trendy place, multi-brand, strong in its neighbourhood.

  • A stronger visibility of anchor retailers outside, on the façade of the mall.
  • Inside we also gave more modernity and visibility to retailers: full height windows, new signage, more fashion visuals above the windows.
  • An attractive and more open entrance, with a wide digital screen!
  • The former mall was very black with not much natural light. We opened several skylights and painted most of the mall in white + some black architectural elements to make it nervous and modern.
  • The main square was transformed with rest areas, a big scene to organize some events and concerts.
  • A new welcome desk to highlight the mall services.
  • And the visual identity is playing itch the B of Beaulieu, as a sculpture and a graphic sign.

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