Suomalanein, a bookstore in Helsinki, designed by Market Value and awarded best Finnish retail concept in 2018

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« Suomalainen Kirjakauppa » means « Finnish Bookstore ».


With 50 stores in Finland, Suomalainen is the market leader. And some of its bookstores are real institutions like the one in Aleksanterikatu, in the center of Helsinki.

The former retail concept was black, crowded, too functional, and a bit complex in terms of customer flow.

The global image was the one of a 2000’s retailer.

In this new concept, Market Value aimed at creating a lifestyle store, with a clear, soft and natural atmosphere.


With an open and transparent façade, a simplified shell with white walls and black ceiling, and a touch of nature: a big tree at the center of the store, coupled with big visuals of finnish forests, like open windows on the outside.



Market Value also decided to keep 80% of the furniture (to save money and to recycle) by covering it with wood or sand painting.

The customer journey was also improved with a new offer organization that clarifies impulse and destination.



A “campaign of the month” area is located at the entrance with long furnitures to guide naturally clients to the back of the store.

Central furnitures are lower, so that clients have a panoramic view on the store.

You can also enjoy reading areas integrated in the walls, and a luge in the kid area.

Omnichannel is also very much highlighted with Click & Collect, and communication on e-shop.



Result: a new concept in place in Kamppi store (one of Helsinki transportation hub) awarded Best Finnish Retail Concept in 2018 !!!

Finland, a country very much loved by Market Value that recently worked also for Tokmanni and Varusteleka.

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